The Best Dual Coffee Maker of 2022: Your home brewing solution

Dual Coffee Maker

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You really want the convenience of a single-serve coffee maker but sometimes you need to brew an entire pot, and having two separate brewers just isn’t practical.  This is a common problem rising in many households and is why we are taking a look at dual coffee makers. 

A dual coffee maker will brew both single serve coffee and give you the option to brew an entire carafe, all combined into one compact machine. They are the best of both worlds.

Dual coffee makers are a perfect example of innovation in the coffee brewing industry.  They are built with the intention of accommodating a variety of household needs and are the perfect solution for many coffee drinkers. 

Our Top Picks

Best OverallCuisinart SS-20
Most VersatileNinja Hot and Cold Brew
Best for Coffee and TeaCuisinart CHW-12
Best for Coffee and EspressoDe’Longhi BC0430
Best Budget PickHamilton Beach Two-Way
Smallest FootprintKeurig K-Duo Plus

What is a dual coffee maker?

Simply put, a dual coffee maker (sometimes called a 2 way brewer) is a brewer that will brew both single serve coffee as well as a full carafe.  Think of them as having your favorite Keurig and your favorite drip coffee maker combined into one single compact appliance.

The purpose of a dual coffee maker is typically to have the option to brew either a single cup of coffee or a larger pot, however, in some cases, these brewers also offer a hot water dispenser that will give you an option for hot tea, hot cocoa, or even instant oatmeal. 

The variety of dual brewers out there is pretty wide, ranging from machines that have a smaller brew basket for single serve cups to dual coffee makers with K-cup attachments. Whether you prefer to use your own beans or the simplicity of popping in a K-cup, there is a dual coffee maker out there for you. 

What are the best dual coffee makers?

Hamilton Beach 49976 Flexbrew


  • K-cup compatible
  • Budget friendly
  • 24 hour programmable
  • 2 hour automatic shutoff
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Adjustable cup rest


  • Plastic housing
  • Can only program the carafe side
  • A bit bulky
  • Not self cleaning

The Hamilton Beach Flexbrew is one of the most popular dual coffee makers on the market right now…and for good reason.  It is priced well and is built to stand up to daily use.

This easy to use machine offers a 12 cup carafe as well as a single serve side so you are covered no matter how many people you are serving. 

You can use either fresh grounds to brew up to a 12 cup pot or you can opt for K-cups instead to brew one cup at a time on the other side of the FlexBrew.  The heating plate will keep the glass carafe warm for two hours so there is no need to serve the entire pot at once and it will automatically shut off at the end of the two hour warming period.  On those days you just can’t wait for the carafe to finish, it comes with a brew stop feature that allows you to sneak a cup before the brew cycle completes. 

If you would like to customize your cup, the FlexBrew offers you two brew strength settings of regular and bold. This feature is particularly desirable in households with multiple coffee preferences. 

Both the single serve and carafe sides are separate and have clear chambers so you can see if the reservoirs need refilling.  The hollow cup rest also gives you a place to rest your pod holder and ground basket, or to place a travel mug for filling. 

It is a little bulkier and slower than some of the other options but it makes up for it in convenience. The 24 hour programmability features allows you to prepare the pot of coffee in advance and have it brew at an assigned time.  This will allow you to wake up to a fresh pot or have a pot waiting to serve your guests at the end of a dinner party. 

The machine is made from BPA-free plastic and is available in four different styles so there is a version of this budget friendly dual coffee maker for anyone.

Ninja Hot and Cold Brew


  • Wide variety of drink options
  • Makes coffee and tea
  • 6 different size options
  • Makes cold brew in just 10 minutes
  • Customizable drink settings
  • Automatic shut off
  • 24 hour programmability
  • Dishwasher safe


  • No color options
  • Mesh coffee filter is a little flimsy
  • Pricey
  • The glass carafe version doesn’t keep coffee hot enough

If you are looking for a dual coffee maker that gives you many different options then the Ninja Hot and Cold Brew with Auto-IQ may be the way to go. This machine stands out because it doesn’t actually look like a dual coffee maker because it doesn’t have two separate sides. It does however have the full functionality of a dual coffee maker and then some.

The easy to use control panel comes with the Ninja’s Auto-IQ one touch intelligence that allows you to brew great coffee or tea with very little effort. 

You can brew easily brew a single cup all the way up to a full carafe and customize the strength of each brew cycle.  It offers 6 different brew sizes (cup, cup XL, travel mug, travel mug XL, half carafe, and full carafe) and 5 different brewing styles including classic, rich, over ice, cold brew, and specialty.  This is definitely the most versatile dual coffee maker on our list.

The 50 ounce thermal carafe will keep your coffee warm but some users who bought the glass carafe version reported that the coffee did not stay hot enough.  We suggest you spend a little extra for the thermal carafe. 

The Ninja comes with separate tea and coffee baskets to keep flavors from intermingling and the reusable permanent filter preserves the natural oils in the coffee, and thanks to its smart basket recognition, it knows which you are about to brew.  

It also comes with 24 hour programmability so you can prepare your coffee in advance and schedule it to brew at a certain time and it will automatically shut itself off after one hour.  

On those mornings that you just can’t wait for your first sip, an automatic brew pause feature will allow you to sneak your first cup before the brewing cycle completes. 

Single serve brewing is made simple with the fold away cup platform.  This platform allows you to easily switch between smaller mugs, travel mugs, and the thermal carafe without splashing.

If you love milky coffee drinks like lattes, cappuccinos, or macchiatos, this dual coffee maker even comes with a fold away milk frother so you can make your own coffee house style brews at home. You can even make your own iced coffee drinks in those hot summer months. 

Other features include an easy to fill water reservoir and a smart scoop that stores right inside the machine. 

Cuisinart SS-20


  • K-cup compatible
  • Brews 3 single serve sizes as well as carafes
  • Reusable gold tone filter
  • Charcoal water filter
  • Self-cleaning cycle


  • K-cup reservoir is small

Cuisinart is a well known, reputable brand in the appliance world and the Cuisinart SS-20 doesn’t disappoint.  It is a great dual coffee maker that is built to last and will brew quality coffee for a long time. This model offers both a full carafe as well as three different single serve sizes (6, 8, and 10 ounces).

The SS-20 is compatible with K-cups but if you prefer strong coffee, we suggest you use the included reusable single serve filter that lets you use your own grounds.  Each cup strength is customizable by choosing the bold option. 

In addition to this dual coffee maker’s customizability, it is also fully automatic and programmable.  You can set it up to brew 24 hours in advance.  It also comes with a brew pause feature, reusable gold tone coffee filter, an energy saving mode as well as a self-cleaning feature. 

The 40 ounce water reservoir is removable for easy filling and comes with a charcoal water filter that will improve the taste of each cup of coffee . The drip tray is removable for easing cleaning and to accommodate a larger travel mug. 

It comes in both black and silver as well as with a glass or thermal carafe so there is a model to suit every kitchen but be forewarned, the thermal carafe only holds 10 cups of coffee.

If you aren’t sure about this machine, check out our round up of the best Cuisinart coffee makers. 

De’Longhi BC0430 Combination Brewer


  • Brews espresso
  • 15 bar pressure
  • Reusable gold tone filter
  • Frothing wand


  • Not self-cleaning
  • No thermal carafe

If you are looking for the option to have both drip coffee and espresso in one machine the De’Longhi BC0430 Combination Brewer has you covered. Instead of having the usual single serve side, this brewer actually has an espresso option instead. It even has a milk frothing wand so there is no need to purchase a separate frother if milky coffee drinks are more your style. 

De’Longhi is a well known and trusted Italian brand so you know you are purchasing a quality machine that is going to make great coffee on either side.

The espresso is brewed using a pump system with 15 bars of pressure and features the De’Longhi patented system that expertly extracts the  flavor and aromatic notes in the espresso while topping it with a rich crema.  

The opposite side of the machine features 10 – cup drip brewing with a glass carafe and warming plate.  

The machine features two separate removable water reservoirs for easy refilling and the advanced active carbon water filter makes sure each cup of coffee tastes great. 

Other features include 24 hour programmability, automatic shutoff, a reusable gold tone filter, and brew pause. It is also short enough to optimize cabinet space by storing cups directly on top of the machine. 

All controls are located on the front panel of the machine along with a digital display that will allow you to browse the menu and see the current time. 

Hamilton Beach Two-Way


  • Brew strength selector
  • Automatic shutoff
  • 24 hour programmability
  • Easy to clean
  • Budget friendly


  • Not K-cup compatible
  • No thermal carafe

The Hamilton Beach Two-Way coffee brewer is another dual coffee maker that will brew either a full carafe or single cup of coffee. It is compact with an easy to use control panel, and takes up only a little counter space. 

This dual coffee maker is on the simple side compared to some of the other machines we have looked at.  It only has one water reservoir and isn’t loaded with a lot of different options. This lack of extra options lowers the price point significantly so if you are looking for a good, budget friendly machine that will brew carafe and single serve coffee, this one’s for you.

Like the FlexBrew, it can brew a 12 cup carafe and has two customizable strength settings.  However, unlike the FlexBrew, the Hamilton Beach Two-Way is not compatible with K-cups.  It will still brew a single serve coffee but you will need to use your own grounds or an ESE pod. 

It is fully programmable and can be prepared in advance and programmed to brew at a set time.  This programmable feature means you can wake up to a fresh pot of coffee or have a pot ready to serve to guests without spending extra time in the kitchen. 

The reusable filter eliminates the need to purchase paper filters and preserves the natural oils in the coffee resulting in a better tasting and more aromatic cup. 

The drip tray on the single serve side is adjustable and will accommodate virtually any size mug…including travel mugs.

Other features include an extra large carafe-side water reservoir, a warming plate to keep the carafe hot, and an automatic shutoff feature so you never have to worry about remembering to turn off the machine.

Cuisinart SS-15


  • Can brew three different serving sizes or a whole carafe
  • Single serve can be made with a reusable filter
  • K-cup compatible
  • Adjustable brew strength
  • Adjustable carafe temperature
  • Charcoal water filter
  • Clean alert and cycle


  • Bulkier than most single serve machines
  • Pricy

This coffee maker offers the ultimate in flexibility.  If you need only one cup at a time, there’s a single-serve brewer that works with either K-cups or your own reusable coffee filter, but if you need a large pot for a lazy weekend morning or when hosting a brunch, it can also deliver a 12-cup carafe.

In true Cuisinart fashion, it features a glass carafe and durable stainless-steel construction.  It is programmable up to 24 hours so you can wake up each morning to a fresh brew, and features a 4 hour shutoff so you never have to worry about whether or not you turned off the coffee maker. 

It comes with a 6, 8, or 10 oz single serve brew size as well as the option for a full carafe and the drip tray is adjustable to accommodate any size mug…including travel mugs. 

The control panel also features temperature control, and two brew strength options, and a self-cleaning cycle to keep every cup tasting as good as the last. 

The convenience of having two machines in one does come with one major drawback…this machine takes up considerably more counter space than a single sided machine but this machine more than makes up for its size and still has much less of a footprint than having two separate machines.

If you aren’t sure about this machine, check out our round up of the best Cuisinart coffee makers. 

Cuisinart CHW-12


  • Dispenses hot water
  • Programmable
  • Permanent coffee filter
  • Charcoal water filter
  • Adjustable serving temperature
  • Adjustable automatic shutoff
  • Brews quickly


  • Hot water side heats slowly
  • Hot water system can be a bit loud

This dual coffee maker was designed for the household with both coffee and tea lovers.  In addition to brewing a pot of coffee, the Cuisinart CHW-12 has a dual design that can dispense hot water for a quick cup of tea. If you are looking for a machine that brews K-cups as well as a full carafe, you should look elsewhere because the second side of this machine only dispenses hot water, but if you have a tea lover in the house, the CHW-12 may be perfect for you.

In addition to the added hot water dispenser, this machine offers a 1 – 4 cup setting, 24 hour programmable feature, and a self cleaning function.

The dual coffee and tea maker comes with a separate, temperature controlled, hot water system that is perfect for making tea, hot cocoa, instant coffee, or even instant oatmeal. 

The hot water dispenser even comes with a safety lock to prevent hot water from being accidentally dispensed, which is a must have if you have small children in your home. 

For those mornings that you just can’t wait for the carafe to finish brewing, the CHW-12 comes with a brew pause feature that will allow you to sneak a cup before the brew cycle finishes. 

The removable drip tray leaves plenty of room to accommodate your favorite travel mug and the easy to control panel has indicator lights that let you know when your coffee is finished and ready to go, 

The 54 ounce water tank is more than enough to prevent you from having to constantly refill the reservoir and comes with a charcoal filter to make sure every cup of coffee or tea is brewed to the highest standards.  The carafe temperature control allows you to regulate how hot your coffee stays, and clean alert indicator light lets you know when it’s time to descale. 

This machine also comes in a 10 cup model if you are looking to save a little counter space.

If you aren’t sure about this machine, check out our round up of the best Cuisinart coffee makers. 

Keurig K-Duo Plus


  • Takes up very little counter space
  • Brews K-cups and ground coffee
  • Reusable gold-tone filter
  • Compatible with Keurig water filters


  • Doesn’t brew as fast as some
  • Not compatible with K-carafe pods

Keurig is a brand well known for single serve coffee machines but as the popularity of dual coffee makers grew, Keurig decided to hop on board and create a few dual coffee makers of their own.

The Keurig K-Duo Plus is a dual coffee maker that offers all the conveniences of a single serve Keurig coffee maker with the added bonus of being able to brew a full carafe. 

This machine has a very small countertop footprint.  Coming in at less than 8 inches wide, it is the most compact machine on our list when it comes to counter space.  Not to mention, the 60 ounce water reservoir can be positioned to the left, right, or back of the machine to adapt to the layout of your kitchen. The reservoir is also compatible with Keurig water filters, which can significantly improve the taste of your coffee. 

The K-Duo Plus also comes with a reusable gold-tone mesh filter so you can use your own coffee grounds and works with single serve K-cups,  but it is not compatible with K-carafe pods.  

This machine offers many more size options than carafe and single serve.  You can brew a 6, 8, 10, or 12 cup carafe as well as a 6, 8, 10, or 12 ounce cup. It also offers customizable brew strength. 

The 24 hour programmability feature is great if you like to wake up to a fresh pot of coffee. Just use the comprehensive interface on top of the brewer to select your coffee strength, and program it to brew anytime in the next 24 hours.  The automatic shutoff feature saves energy by turning the machine off 5 minutes after the last brew cycle and there is no need to worry about a hot plate because the thermal carafe will keep your coffee hot for hours. 

It also comes with a convenient pause and serve function that allows you to sneak a cup before the carafe finishes brewing.

The K-Duo Plus is a modern and functional choice for any kitchen that is short on counter space. 

Keurig K-Cafe


  • Compact size
  • Compatible with reusable My K-cup
  • Accommodates travel mugs
  • Clean alert
  • Comes with frother


  • Coffee could brew stronger

Keurig is a brand well known for single serve coffee machines but as the popularity of dual coffee makers grew, Keurig decided to hop on board and create a few dual coffee makers of their own. The K-Cafe really sants out from the other Keurig dual coffee makers because it can brew cappuccinos and lattes too. 

On one side you have the option of using K-cups to have a single serve cup of coffee in under a minute.  The single serve side is also compatible with the reusable My K-cup filter if you prefer to use your own grounds. 

On the other side you have the option to brew an entire carafe of drip coffee for those times you need to brew for more than one person.  If lattes and cappuccinos are more your style, simply use one the dishwasher safe frother to create creamy and foamy coffee drinks. 

This machine features simple button controls and has a large 60 ounce water reservoir to save you time and simplify your morning routine.  This reservoir is also removable for easy filling and cleaning. It is also travel mug friendly and the drip tray is dishwasher save for easy clean up.

The programmable automatic shutoff feature turns your brewer off 2 hours after the last brew to save energy. The K-cafe also alerts you when it’s time to descale your machine and it even comes with a high altitude setting. 

Why buy a dual coffee maker?

The benefit of having a dual coffee maker is the convenience of making a single serve cup of coffee for yourself or brewing a carafe for several people. 

Dual coffee makers are great for households that consume coffee throughout the day as well as for small offices.  You can easily brew a large carafe for the morning when coffee consumption is at its highest and then individuals can brew single cups throughout the afternoon as needed.  This minimizes the waste of throwing out left over coffee at the end of the day. 

While you could purchase a traditional drip coffee maker as well as a single serve coffee brewer like a Keurig, having a dual coffee maker offers you the convenience of both machines while saving precious counter space. 

Things to Consider

When it comes to shopping for a dual coffee maker, you want to make sure it has the features you need to fit your lifestyle.  All dual coffee makers on our list will brew either a single serve cup or a full carafe, but from there each machine offers different options and features. 

Coffee Type Options

It’s important to consider what type of coffee you plan on using.  The type of coffee you plan to brew can help you narrow down your options considerably when shopping for your dual coffee maker. 

Some of the machines we recommended use your own coffee grounds and have only one or two strength settings, but if you are looking for a machine that can handle tea, espresso, or other specialty drinks, you need to take that into consideration, 

Do you plan on using pods or freshly ground coffee?

Most dual coffee makers allow you to brew single serve coffee.  This means you can brew a quicker cup in the morning and avoid wasted “extra coffee” from a larger pot, but how exactly do you plan to brew that coffee?

K-cups and ESE pods offer you the convenience of popping in a disposable coffee pod or capsule and having a piping hot cup of joe in a matter of minutes…sometimes even seconds.  Coffee pods also mean easy clean up.  Simply remove the pod and you are ready to brew your next cup. 

For heavy coffee drinkers, the expense of coffee pods can really add up so looking for a dual coffee maker that comes with a single serve filter may be your best option.  The reusable filter will allow you to brew using your own coffee.  This will save money in the long run but is definitely less convenient.  You will need to both fill and clean the filter basket between uses.  

Machines with reusable filter baskets are also excellent for coffee connoisseurs who prefer to use freshly ground artisan beans but still want the convenience of a single serve machine. 

What is the difference between K-cups and ESE pods?

ESE pods are coffee or tea that is sealed inside a paper filter.  ESE pods have a round, flat shape and are typically soft and pliable.  Sometimes they come individually wrapped in a foil wrapper but usually they are loosely packed in a large resealable bag.  

K-cups are coffee or tea that is sealed inside a cartridge (usually a plastic cup).  The cup has a plastic ring covered in foil and inside is a filter that keeps coffee grounds from sneaking into your brew.

When you place a K-cup into a compatible brewer, two needles puncture the lid and the bottom of the cup.  Water then flows into the cup, extracting the coffee which then flows out of the hole in the bottom. 

It is important to note that machines that are compatible with K-cups are not always compatible with ESE pods.

What are the pros and cons of coffee pods? 

Coffee pods are easy to use, make for minimal clean up, and K-cups are readily available at your local grocery store.  With the rise in popularity of the Keurig brewer, most major coffee brands are now manufacturing K-cups.  Whether you prefer a bold roast, light roast, or flavored coffee, you can find a K-cup to suit your taste…you can even get Kona coffee K-cups from Hawaii!

The biggest downside to coffee pods is the price.  Coffee pods can be quite expensive if you drink a lot of coffee. There has also been an issue with discarded coffee pods filling local landfills but many K-cups are now recyclable. 

Coffee Size Options

How many different sizes do you want your coffee maker to brew.  Some machines only offer single serve and carafe options, but others, like the one from Ninja, offer considerably more versatility.

Most dual coffee makers come with either a 10 cup or 12 cup carafe so consider how much coffee you will need to brew at once when making a choice. 

Also consider the size mug that the machine will accommodate.  Will it brew directly into your travel mug or will you need to brew into a traditional coffee mug and then pour it into your travel mug?

Another factor to keep in mind is the capacity of the water reservoir.  A coffee machine that you constantly need to refill to brew a single cup of coffee quickly becomes less convenient, especially if you are in an office setting.   Look for a reservoir that holds at least 40 ounces of water if you plan on using the single serve option frequently. 


When shopping for a dual coffee maker consider how important customization is to you.  Do you prefer to simply press a button and wait for your coffee to brew with very little effort? If so, there is no need to spend extra money on a coffee maker that has a lot of customizable options. 

On the other hand, if you prefer the option of adjustable coffee strength or frequently enjoy frothy, milk based coffee drinks, you will want to look for a machine that does a little more.  

When purchasing a coffee maker with more customizable options, make sure the features it offers are the options you intend to use and that you fully understand how to use them all. There is no point spending money on a machine that is too complicated to actually use. 

Filter Type

Coffee filters affect both the quality and flavor of your coffee.  You have the choice between paper filters and reusable filters.  Paper filters are convenient and make for easy clean up but can absorb some of the coffee oil.  This oil absorption can remove essential flavor and aroma notes from your morning brew. Reusable filters require cleaning but can result in a better tasting coffee and eliminate the pain of waking up to find you have run out of filters. 

Water Reservoir

The size of the water reservoir is one of the first options you should consider…especially if you intend to use the single serve side of your dual coffee maker often.  Having to constantly refill the tank becomes inconvenient and if you are in an office setting where the nearest water source is down the hall, it can waste precious time. 

Reservoir sizes can vary from 30 to 60 ounces with 40 ounces being the average.  If you are a heavy coffee drinker we suggest that you choose a machine with a 40 – 60 ounce capacity. 

How much space do you have?

Choosing a dual coffee maker is a great way to eliminate the need for two separate machines. If you have limited counter space, a large appliance can get in the way, so the footprint of your dual coffee maker is an important factor to consider. 

Before choosing a machine, consider the following:

  • How much counter space will it take up?
  • Will it clear the cabinets?
  • Can you easily refill the water reservoir without constantly moving the coffee maker?
  • Will the plug reach the nearest power outlet?

When shopping for a coffee maker, we go straight to the obvious: Will it brew great coffee? But even the best brewers are useless if you can’t plug them in. 

Thermal vs Glass Carafe

Generally, you have two carafe options, thermal or glass.  We prefer a thermal carafe but the decision is a personal one and a glass carafe may be perfect for you.

The purpose of a coffee carafe is not only to store the brewed coffee but also to keep it warm.  If you are brewing a large carafe that is going to be consumed by several coffee drinkers relatively quickly, then carafe materials don’t really matter, but if you intend to go back for cup after cup, read on. 

Glass carafes keep the coffee warm by using a heating plate.  The heating plate warms the carafe from the bottom.  Over time, the heating plate can cause the coffee to overheat and evaporate.  The result is thick, burnt tasting coffee. 

Thermal carafes on the other hand, are designed to keep the heat from leaving the coffee in the first place.  While your coffee may not be quite as hot with a thermal carafe, it should stay at a reasonable drinking temperature and significantly better tasting than coffee kept hot on a heating plate. 

Many dual coffee makers only come with a glass carafe option.  The glass carafe lowers the price of the machine and a thermal carafe is not always necessary since you have a single serve option if you intend to drink coffee throughout the day. 

Extra Features

Some dual coffee makers come with added features that can definitely make them more desirable but can also add to the price.  Consider which features you would actually use shopping.

Milk frother

If you love creamy coffee drinks like lattes, cafe au lait, and cappuccinos, a milk frother is a great feature to have.  Milk frothers use steam to heat and foam the milk for that thick and rich creamy foam that tops your favorite coffee drink.  If your dual coffee maker has espresso capabilities then a milk frother is something to consider. 


If you prefer to wake up to a hot pot of coffee, you should look for a machine with 24 hour programmability.  You can prepare your coffee the night before and then program the machine to brew at a set time.  

Automatic Shutoff

Save energy with a machine that shuts off automatically after a set amount of time…not to mention you will never have to worry again about whether or not you turned the coffee pot off. An automatic shutoff feature will both save you money and give you peace of mind.


Dual coffee makers can vary greatly in price so keep your budget in mind when shopping for a machine.  

If you are on a tight budget, you can still find a reliable machine for less than $100 but it may be light on features. If a quality machine loaded with features is what you are looking for, be prepared to spend anywhere from $150 – $300.

Ease of Cleaning

No one wants to end up with a coffee maker that is easy to use but a pain to clean.

Make sure you have an idea of what is involved in cleaning your dual coffee maker before making a purchase.  Typically, the more features and components a machine has, more work goes into cleaning. Luckily, many glass carafes and reusable filters are now dishwasher safe but be sure to read the machine’s user manual first.

How do you clean a dual coffee maker?

When it comes to cleaning your dual coffee maker, you will use the same process as you would to clean any drip brewer.  The biggest difference is that you will need to descale both sides of the machine since you basically have two coffee makers in one.  Most dual coffee makers allow you to run both sides at onces so it shouldn’t take too much extra time.  

The most important thing to remember is to follow the instructions in your user manual as all coffee makers are a little different but to do a basic cleaning you only need to follow a few simple steps.

What you will need

  • White Vinegar or lemon juice
  • Dish Soap
  • Rice
  • A soft sponge or dishcloth

How to do the actual cleaning

  1. Always wash the carafe, lid, and filter basket with hot soapy water after every use.  If they are dishwasher safe, just pop them in the dishwasher.
  2. Fill the reservoir with half white vinegar (or lemon juice) and half water.  Allow the solution to sit for 15 minutes, then set the machine to brew, discard the dirty vinegar water, and repeat.
  3. Clean the carafe, lid, and filter basket with hot soapy water and then run clean, filtered, water through two brew cycles to remove any excess vinegar and debris.
  4. Finally, add hot soapy water and rice to your carafe.  Swirl it around to remove any stuck on debris and then wipe the carafe out with a soft sponge or dishcloth.  The rice will leave your carafe sparkling like new.

So what is the best dual coffee maker?

Our favorite overall is the Ninja Hot and Cold Brew.  While on the pricey side, the Ninja is the most versatile machine on our list and will meet the needs of virtually any household.